Upon receiving confirmation of the proposed itinerary and budget, B-Side will require a down payment of 50% of the total travel cost, which will be used to purchase any entrance tickets, Inca Trail permits, train reservations, and airline tickets, as well as to pay the Amazon cruise costs and any other reservation fees. These purchases are nonrefundable. 

– The final payment of the remaining 50% must be made no less than 45 days before the onset of the trip, otherwise the reservations will be cancelled. Passengers will be informed about the payment schedule after the reservation is made.


Cancelations and modifications 

  1. Changes to the Itinerary: Activities and Lodging 
    Requests for travel modifications made less than 30 days prior to the trip must be formalized via email. We will try to make all requested modifications to the previously agreed upon itinerary after the deposit has been made and/or the trip has begun. Passenger(s) must assume all costs that correspond to any new services. Services and/or lodgings that are not used will not be refunded. 


-If a passenger cannot travel due to illness, death, or a gravely ill family member, they can reschedule their travel dates, or transfer their reservation to a third party. In order to do this, we will need the following: 

(i) A formal request sent via email.

(ii) Any corresponding documentation to support the request for change, along with the new travel dates or the complete information of the third party who will be replacing them on the trip. In addition, passengers will be charged administrative costs for the change, which must be deposited along with the reservation’s remaining balance. 

(iii) The change and/or replacement will be subject to the conditions of the new reservation. B-Side will not charge an additional fee for the change; however, passengers must consider all extra fees that might be added by external suppliers, ticket changes, lodging, excursions, activities, etc. 

All train tickets to Machu Picchu and airline tickets are subject to modification fees.


(iv.) Please take into account that the entrance tickets to the Inca Trail are nontransferable and nonrefundable. If the passenger must reprogram their trip or transfer the reservation, they will have to request new tickets, which are subject to availability. 


  1. Partial or Complete Itinerary Cancelation 

If the passenger decides to cancel the trip before it begins or during its course, they will not be refunded for the unused services and/or lodging.

– Please take into account that the permits for both multiple-day and single-day Inca Trail hikes are paid up front, and any cancelations and/or modifications are nonrefundable. If after purchasing the Inca Trail permits with us, the passenger decides to alter their travel route and/or change dates, they must consider that the new reservations and prices will be subject to availability. 

– If during the course of the trip, a member of the group decides for whatever reason to cancel the trip or change the route, no refund will be given for the unused services and/or lodging.


– B-Side must receive a confirmed preliminary activity list no less than 60 days before the scheduled departure. Any change to the preliminary list made within 15 days of the departure date will imply an administrative fee of USD$200 for each considerable change (*).

– (*)Considerable: a complete change of trekking route and/or destination.


Modifications on behalf of B-Side

-In very rare circumstances, B-Side will modify an itinerary before the start of a trip. In the case of a significant modification (*), B-Side will notify passengers as soon as possible offering them the option to:

  1. Cancel the trip or a part of the trip and receive a total refund for the unused services.
    2. Accept the alternative and receive a refund of the price difference in the case that there has been a lodging downgrade.

 (*) In this case, Significant includes: a flight schedule change over 12 hours, a change in airports (except airports located within the same city), a change in destination, or a change that implies a downgrade in lodging. 


Force Majeure

  • Force majeure in this case means unusual and unpredictable circumstances beyond B-Side’s control, with consequences neither that B-Side or its suppliers would be able to avoid, like: war, threats of war, disorder, civil strikes, terrorist activity (actual or threats), earthquakes, industrial disputes, technical problems with transport or equipment, power outages, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, fires, flooding, drought, epidemics, pandemics, adverse climate conditions, and alterations in water levels of lakes, oceans, rivers, etc. 
  • In a force majeure situation, B-Side will be unable to continue to provide services, and alternative arrangements will have to be made. In this case, the passengers will have to assume all additional costs for aforementioned changes and arrangements.  
  • Under no circumstance will B-Side offer a refund for cancellations caused by force majeure events.
  • We recommend purchasing travelers insurance when traveling to Peru. Travelers insurance generally protects travelers from financial losses due to flight cancelations, robbery, loss of baggage, and cancellations due to illness or other significant and unpredictable circumstances  (depending on the insurance policy). It can also cover any necessary medical expenses abroad due to illness or accidents. 
  • In order to obtain the necessary permits to access Peru’s various touristic locations, we will need the passenger’s complete and correct information (name, passport number, and birth date). If we do not get this information on time and/or correctly, this could imply losing permit availability. B-Side is not responsible for permit unavailability if information is incorrect, incomplete, or not provided in a timely manner.

– All train, airline, cruise ship, national park, and hotel prices are subject to change, and current prices at the time of purchase will be used. 

– Passengers must keep in mind that there are certain dangers that come with participating in adventure tourism that must be assumed at their own risk. B-Side is not responsible for any illness, accident, or death that might occur during the trek, or any part of the trip, nor do we take responsibility for the loss of any personal items.

If a passenger is not satisfied with the services provided during the course of their trip, they must notify B-Side immediately so that we might assist in resolving any problem. We do not offer any refund upon trip completion unless we have been made aware of issues previously.